‘Hai is fantastic with the kids. My 4 year old daughter loves her dance lessons.’   ~Amanda Searle~
‘The Daam school of dance is a friendly and safe environment for a child to learn and have fun.  Hai shows professionalism, discipline and encourages the children to have fun while learning new techniques.  A good instructor is hard to find.  Hai ticks all the right boxes!  My child enjoys attending every week, and I love watching him!’  ~Sina Rizzo~
‘Hai has been just fantastic with my girls (as have their ballet teachers). They are both now doing tap. Hai specially started up a tap class for my 6 year old as she’d been wanting to do it for ages! He’s always happy to make sure the kids fit into a class that suits where they are at, so they can grow. We were at a different dance school, but I hated the constant extra costs for everything, even hair ribbons! DAAM is a much more relaxed happy place where the girls are actually learning to dance, not just look good on stage in costumes like the old place. The students can be individuals here. My older daughter was even practicing her tap routine under the table at school and she did a fantastic job up on stage. Thanks Hai, you make dancing fun while the kids learn and gain confidence. 🙂  ~Jenny Forward


“The kids absolutely LOVED Hai and had the best time on the incursion. The dance moves were within current trends and the kids were incredibly happy and engaged. Hai was an excellent teacher with lots of positive energy. The students remembered the dance the following day and were eager to practice!”
Miss Lindsay Morton, classroom teacher, Ardeer Primary school
‘Thank you Hai for a fantastic Hip Hop workshop during our Arts Week. Our students loved every moment of it and the girls told me they were dancing in their bedrooms that night. You have really inspired the girls with a highly stimulating dance routine which you taught in a really fun way. Thank you so much. We would love to have you back as soon as possible.” 
~Marisa Rowlands Head of Drama Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar. 

‘Our students loved the time they spent in Performing Arts with Hai. Hai from DAAM dance is an absolute professional and engages every single student in the art of dance. The children loved learning the new dance each week and were excited to take part in the lesson. The way the Hai engages and inspires the students in dance is to be commended. We now have every child excited about dance and performing arts. Thank you Hai and DAAM dance!’  
~Ms. Jessica Quinn, 2014 Performing Arts teacher) at St Damian’s Primary school, Bundoora.
‘Hai visited Auburn High during Arts & Technology week and ran a Year 7 Hip Hop Dancing workshop. With nearly one-hundred students participating it was a massive dance class. Hai was able to get all of them, even the shy and self-conscious, dancing. They learnt a little routine, smiling and laughing as they busted out their moves. A super-fun incursion where all the kids participated                               
~Ms. Rachel Bowen, 2015-16 Arts & Technology Learning Leader, Auburn High School
‘Hai came to our school holiday program Easter 2016. We had children aged between 5-13 which can be tricky to accommodate for all of their varying skill level and attention span. But Hai was so wonderful and engaging. The children couldn’t take their eyes off of him the entire time and he made everything about dancing fun. From stretches to performing the short choreographed dance the children were having so much fun! You can clearly see how passionate about dancing Hai is and could not recommend him highly enough. To anyone thinking of going to his dance school or having him teach a class he would not let you down.’ 
~Ms. Daniella de Koster-Hill, Outside School Hours Care educator, Melbourne Grammar School,
“The students had a great time during our hip hop dance incursion on our holiday program. Even students who were not as keen as others about dancing got involved and really enjoyed their time in the lesson. Hai was a fantastic instructor! He created a routine that was perfect for students of all ability levels and was kind and encouraging to the children” 
~Ms. Sian Gilhome, Outside School Hours Care educator , Melbourne Grammar School
“Hai was first involved with our school when he offered two free sessions for the Grade 5 and 6 students. The children enjoyed the sessions as they were fun, active and Hai was always enthusiastic and positive. The children loved him. Given this success, Hai was employed to work with the Grade 6 children preparing a dance for graduation. He has also given dance sessions with the Grade 3 and 4 students, as well as danced at our school festival. We appreciate all his hard work.”  
-Mrs. Amanda Delahenty, 2013 Year 5/6 coordinator, teacher at Orchard Grove Primary School.