Short courses

If you look for something easy and fun to get back in motion, this course is for you. With only ONE one-hour session each week over 4 weeks, this course covers all the basic grooves and safe warm up, stretch, warm down techniques that allow you to practice in your own time. Learn a fun combination each week. 
This course is suitable for all levels.
  1. Week 1: Cardio warm up and grooves. Focus: Direction & Level 
  2. Week 2: Hiphop and funk grooves.  Focus: Rhythm & Timing
  3. Week 3: Reggaeton  grooves. Music: Latin Hiphop. Focus: Energy & Feeling
  4. Week 4: African grooves. Music: Dancehall, African Drum. Focus: Extension & Elevation. Dance on bare feet. 
This course will help you to:
  1. Feel good
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. Reduce stiffness
  4. Strengthen your core and group muscles
Emerge yourself in a relaxing space with ambient lighting and relaxation music. Bring your own yoga matt or use one of ours if you don’t have one.
We offer Isolated Stretching technique that is suitable for all body types, flexibility and strength levels. This technique consists of Isolation, Breathing and Repetition, which is often used to help any body condition to revitalise and rehabilitate.
We are working with theraband (resistance  band). You will find it easy to follow and notice a significant improvement after 4 weeks.
This course is specifically designed to guide everyone to:
  1. Understand the body mechanism, discover areas to improve   
  2. Find purposes to move at your own pace and  have fun with music
  3. Breakdown barriers, moving habits
  4. Feel empowered and confident
Course structure:
  1. Week 1: Music, dance, body rhythm percussion, energy, spirit
  2. Week 2: Agility drills and tricks to challenge mind and body control
  3. Week 3: Partner and group exercise
  4. Week 4: Revaluation and relaxation. 
This course is for those you you who just want to give it a go and have fun trying out
  1. Hiphop
  2. Tap
  3. Contemporary
  4. Musical theatre dance
This is an open course for ALL LEVELS with a STRONG FOCUS on having fun, movement creativity and positive energy.