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Darren & Maria, Photo by Hai Nguyen, Photographer, Director at Pyramid Photography


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Hai and his wife initially did a tap dance at their wedding as a way to surprise their families and guests.  Hai taught his wife a routine and everyone ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!  Since then, he realised how important it is for him to use his experience, creativity and skills to help other couples, and how much their dance would resonate in everyone’s memory for life. Hai is amazingly talented at access everyone’s ability and choosing the right moves that compliment couple’s dancing.
Hai trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hiphop, Tap, a bit of Waltz, Tango, Latin, Salsa and Ballroom, etc. His inspiration also comes from Fred Astaire, Ginger Roger, Gene Kelly and many more musical icons dated back to black and white musicals, His choreography is a great blend of partner dance, hiphop and funky moves, which allows the dance to be seen as super fun, entertaining for all the guests from kids to grandparents.  
Couples can choose their own favourite songs and Hai will do all the rest. Cinematic wedding dance filming and DVD packages are also available!   
Hai is ALSO a professional, talented photographer and does Wedding photography. If you need a wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to reach out. His second business is Pyramid Photography Please check out his portfolios  and available packages.


Fun, structured dance: (up to 10 sessions) 
  • Set-up fee: $220 (music, editing, choreography) GST is included
  • Teaching cost: $75 per ONE-HOUR lesson. GST is included.
  • Day and time are flexible, we are happy to work around your availability
Wedding dance photography:  Hai is also a professional dance photographer and Director of Pyramid Photography. If you want to have a creative, unforgettable photo album of your wedding dance, please book him now to make sure he is available. Cost: $330 
Clouds dancing/Ice Fog machine/Low Lying Fog machine Hire: We have haze and low lying fog machine to hire for your first dance. Please see HIRE ->Stage Lighting Service & Equipment Hire


Hai is a genius. He helped us put together a simple and fun wedding dance at the very last minute
Hai was very responsive and helped us choreograph our wedding dance in a short time frame and practice it to perfection for our wedding. He made the dance suit us and it looked natural and not too rehearsed. He is extremely flexible as well in working around our schedule.

Mark and Nicole’s wedding

“After we got engaged, Mark and I decided that we wanted something special for our wedding dance. We didn’t have much of an idea of what we wanted to do, and neither of us had any dance experience. We approached Hai from Daam School of Dance in Blackburn South. Hai was very interested in helping us work out exactly what we were after! From the beginning, we had fun and professional lessons. The end result was a well-choreographed, original and exciting dance which we, and all of our wedding guests, thoroughly enjoyed! Thank-you Hai for a fantastic experience, and for helping to make our wedding that extra bit special!”     

~Mark and Nicole Emmerson~

Kylie Clarkson’s wedding:

When I mentioned to my Dad that I thought it would be a great idea for us to do a surprise father daughter dance for my wedding, he was very hesitant about the idea. 
However when we met Hai, my dad actually became excited about the idea of it, especially with Hai being so encouraging,  friendly, and the fact that he realised my dad had never danced before and took it slow for him to learn the steps made it so much easier than i thought it would be. We had so much fun in the process, and am so grateful to Hai for the time and effort he put into us. Our dance was a big success, everyone was shocked to see my dad dancing!
Hai put a lot of time into the choreography and making the music mix for us. I never thought i’d see my dad dance to gangnam style!!
Thanks so much Hai for everything!!’ 
~Kylie Clarkson~
Sal & Ed
Sal & Ed
Looking for a wedding dance instructor? Then we really highly recommend Hai at DAAM School of Dance!!! Hai is such a talented, amazing and friendly person! We wanted two different songs as our first dance and Hai was able to mash our 2 songs into one song so perfectly. He created an amazing dance routine personalised just for us and was super flexible with any input and changes we had to our first dance. Hai was very patient with us! We had never danced before but Hai was able to turn us from being awkward newbies who danced with two left feet to confident dancers. We received sooo many compliments from our families and friends how amazing our wedding first dance was and some were surprised we never danced before! All the lessons were super fun and stress free! Hai made the experience so fun and entertaining! He is super flexible and happy to accommodate any changes whether it is the music, our dance routine or the lesson times. You definitely won’t regret having wedding first dance lessons with Hai! He is a passionate and incredible dance teacher! If you are considering if you should even do a wedding first dance, then we totally think you should go for it!! It is such a fun and good bonding session with your life partner and with Hai as your dance instructor he will certainly help create a dance that showcases you as a couple through the art of dancing! Thank you sooo much Hai for the fun lessons and for helping us create such a lovely wedding first dance! ❤️ Lots of Love, Sally & Ed XOXO tl;dr If you want a wedding dance that is special to you as a couple and will wow your family and friends, we recommend you see Hai at DAAM School of dance!
Christopher Tri
Christopher Tri
My wife and I were looking for a dance teacher for our wedding dance. We found Hai who was not only an amazing teacher but was very patient with us as we've never danced before. He personalised our wedding dance with the song we chose and gave us feedback every step of the way! We highly recommend anyone who is looking a wedding dance teacher to go to see Hai. He'll make your wedding dance the highlight of your wedding just like he did for us!
Michael Popovic
Michael Popovic
I have a nine years old child and Hai has been very helpful and professional. My kid loves dancing. Highly recommend this school! Michael
Bruce & Siska Frederick
Bruce & Siska Frederick
If you’re looking for a small, local, family-run dance school you’re in luck! Our daughter has been attending DAAM for nearly 5 years now and just loves it. Hai and his team are exceptionally talented performance artists who clearly love dance & want to share their gift with others. Not stuffy or formal in the slightest, this dance school is welcoming & inclusive, and promotes above all else a sense of self-esteem, a love of movement, and most importantly FUN!
Shu Yi Tan
Shu Yi Tan
Hai was very responsive and helped us choreograph our wedding dance in a short time frame and practice it to perfection for our wedding. He made the dance suit us and it looked natural and not too rehearsed. He is extremely flexible as well in working around our schedule.
Joanna Catto
Joanna Catto
My 3 children have attended DAAM for a number of years, doing ballet, hip hop and jazz. They have all loved it there. It is such a lovely caring school that takes a very friendly child centred approach. Lessons and productions are stress free and fun for all.
Alison G
Alison G
My 2 boys have been doing hip hop with Hai for more than 2 years. Its a lovely school, very welcoming and always looking to what can be done even better. Hai's training as an educator is well applied. Couldn't recommend more highly.
Daniel Zuccon
Daniel Zuccon
Hai is a genius. He helped us put together a simple and fun wedding dance at the very last minute.