Monday-Friday:  10am-2pm
Sundays 9am-5pm
We understand how special it is for all women carrying your growing little one and experience all the little changes in your body. We can help you to capture the moments that really define you of how you feel. Each person is different and we would be thrilled to be part of your journey to help telling that incredible story through our photos.
Cost: $200 (1 hour) in studio/on location (e.g: your house)
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 6 high resolution images on USB
Additional images of your choice: $30 each or $200 for 10
SPECIAL OFFEER: If you book your newborn session at the same time, you only pay $165 for your maternity photoshoot. 
Being a parent of 2, Hai is very passionate about capturing the most mesmerising moments for parents.
Studio is equipped with heater, hand sanitiser, posing bean bags , beautiful crocheted beanies, wraps, as well as newborn props, we will make this experience a special one for you to remember. 


Standard package: 
$330  Duration: 1-2 hours 
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 7 high resolution photos on USB,
6 prints size 5”x7”
matted 8”x10” print
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


Family package: 
$450 Duration: 2 hours 
Family portraits
What you get: Your choice of 12 high resolution photos on USB, 12 prints size 5”x7”
2 matted 8”x10” print
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


Deluxe package:
$590  Duration 3 hours
A customised album
Family portraits
What you get: Your choice of 20 high resolution photos on USB, 20 prints size 5”x7”
3 matted 8”x10” print
A professional cinematic video of the family in studio, at your house, or at a park.
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10

BABY SESSION (3-9months)

Photos package cost: $275
Duration: 1 hour
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 6 high resolution images on USB
1 matted 8”x10” print. 
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10                                                  
Your kid is growing rapidly and smart phone pictures can not replace a true reflection of them and of you, how gorgeous they look, that our photographs can do. Let us capture the most beautiful moments of your family and show everyone the timeless pictures of you and them.
Book your family photoshoot with us and let me magic happen!


Birthday party, baby shower, 1st birthday, high tea, engagement etc. 
Whether your extensive family has a get-together in a park, at home, over a sunny BBQ or a birthday celebration, let us capture the best moments in details for your family to keep. Portraits, groups, pets are all inclusive in this photo shoot.
Standard package: 
Cost: $330
Duration: 1 hour
What you get: 20+ high resolution images on USB
1 matted 8”x10” print.
6 prints size 5”x7”
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


Deluxe package: 
Cost: $480
Duration: 2 hours
What you get: 30+ high resolution images on USB
1 matted 8”x10” print.
10 prints size 6”x8”
A beautiful cinematographic video of your family and your event or your home. 
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


WE LOVE ALL PETS! Whether it’s a pet rat, puppy, kitten, mini lop, guinea pig, duck, pig, snake, sheep, horse, let us capture precious moments of you/your daughter/son/partner/mom/dad/family and your/their pet(s) show the world your beautiful relationship, bond together. 
We can do it in studio or on location e.g: your house, favourite park, your farm or competition venue etc., wherever you would like. A consultation is included and well needed to make sure the decision is best for the shoot.
Cost: $275
Duration: 1 hour
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 6 high resolution images on USB
6 prints size 5”x7” print.
1 matted 8”x10” print.
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


Should you need a nice headshot when applying for job, including dancers and  or simply to attract more clients to your business e.g: school, dentist, lawyers etc., let us help you to get one step closer to your goal! 
Cost: $100
Duration: 15 mins
What you get: ONE close-up, ONE mid-range/full-body shot (This could be a jump shot for dancers)
Additional shots: $20 each.


We know your time is valuable and we understand how important it is to show your clients your company, staff and what you offer. Therefore, our focus is on maximising the time that we have with you while delivering the most sastisfying products. Our photographer is working independent on site, equipped with portable backdrop, professional battery flash, 2 on-body cameras with prime lenses ready to shoot at any moment. Unlike other photographers, there is no time wasting changing camera etc. If you like working with an efficient, skilled photographer that make it fun and easy, please look no further.
Book us to take headshots of your company/team, 10+ staff members. We come to your work place. 
Cost per person: $100 on location
What you get: 
ONE close-up shot, ONE mid-range/full-body shot AND ONE action shot (eg: dentist operating on patient etc.)


DAAM Creative SPACE works with a creative mind, sharp vision, Hai’s creativity, attention to details and skills will save your time while achieving an exceptional result. Whether you are a dancer, aerial artist, dance teacher, choreographer, actor, actress or designer, business owner who want to have a headshot, full-body shoot, your products, clothes line to be promoted, and bring your creative ideas to life, we would love to work with you!
We do both in studio and on location with natural light, continuous lighting, studio flash as well as portable flash over-powering the sun to control the ambience, capture the mood, scenery, highlight details. If you like a simple, authentic, natural look with sharp focus, look no further!
Standard package: 
Cost: $275
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 10 high resolution images on USB
6 prints size 5”x7” print.
1 matted 8”x10” print.
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


Deluxe package:
Cost $390
What you get: Photographer’s choice of 20 high resolution images on USB
6 prints size 5”x7” print.
1 matted 8”x10” print.
Additional images of your choice: $20 each or $150 for 10


DAAM stands for Dance And Arts Movements. Our objectives are not only to teach and share the art form and culture of dance, but also to inspire and enrich one’s imagination through arts. We see dance, movement as one of the most important elements in creative arts, where relationships between movements and focus tell a story.
WHY DAAM Space? 
Are you looking for a creative and like-minded team working on your ideas in order to bring your project/intention to life?  Yes, we are highly skilled, knowledgeable in Photography, Videography, Lighting, Sound and Design, Dance and Visual Arts. We are also understanding and flexible to help with whether creating a unique feel, natural looking photo album/video of your newborn child, of an important family event (e.g: Reunion, engagement, wedding.. )  or promoting a product/service of your business. 
We film dance, photograph dancers, choreograph and prepare them for stage performances so what we offer is unique! We provide attentive and thoughtful suggestions for your ideas, and flexible options that suit you and work for your project! We understand the intention and understand how to use motion, motion picture to create feelings and how they communicate with the viewers. We understand movement and we are quicker in getting the job done!
With such professional equipment that we know so well such as motorised slider, camera, flash, special lighting, we can help you to creat amazing, steady and creative photos and videos.
We work with a quick 2-3 cameras set-up with a powerful use of wireless flash overpowering the sun and umbrella soft box diffuser etc. that allow us to save time, working on any weather condition, and location, yet still produce exceptional results.
 Our rates are competitive and affordable as we believe creativity efficiency and simplicity are more important than the quantity of props, decoration and unnecessary equipments, Therefore, we base our fees on the practicality,  how we operate, perform and deliver the product. 
HAI1Director, Photographer: Hai Nguyen
Bachelor of Arts – Major: Dance (major). Electives: Photography, Videography
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) – Dance and Visual Arts (Year 7-Year 12)

‘I love meeting, photographing people. Each person, for me, is beautiful, unique, and I’m amazed by everyone’s stories, inspiring journeys. Simplicity is key, and I love creating an natural, peaceful look and depth in my images. Ultimately, I want my photos to tell its own story.’ ~Hai Nguyen.
Hai has studied Photography for 3 and a half years at Deakin University. His skills were crafted from training with traditional 35mm film camera, box camera etc. as well as developing prints in dark room. His extensive study in Photography history, artists and influences allows him to work successfully in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Being also a professional dancer, choreographer in Hiphop, Contemporary and Tap as well as a designer, director, producer and stage lighting technician, it is truly a big bonus to what Hai is offering to his clients. His imagination, attention to details, personality and enthusiasm will make a big difference in delivering you a final product.
We offer both natural-ambient light and flash photography in studio and on location (eg. park/venue/beach etc) in order to achieve the best result for your ideas and bring them to life.

Annemarie Watt

Hai was really great in making everyone feel relaxed and the photos were amazing. Thank you!

Maree Brand

Hai did such an amazing job with our newborn and family photos! He created a very intimate shoot in our home and was so good with both our newborn and toddler. He bought lots of props and ideas but also listened to our thoughts and suggestions. He was even able to include our fur baby in a few shots! We are so happy to have this precious time for our family captured in these beautiful photos. Thanks Hai!

Amy Singh

Hai took absolutely lovely photos of our family. He’s so easy to work with and very creative and will always go above and beyond to ensure he captures beautiful moments.