Venue Hire



  • Dance crew/company rehearsal

  • Personal practice/portfolio

Our space is 6mx8m fully equiped with speaker, mirrors, ballet barres, polished floor and black curtains to block out mirrors and street view for maximum privacy. 


Individual: One hour: $40 | Three hours: $100

Group rehearsal: One hour $70 | Three hours: $180 | Full day: $450




Private commercial use

Fully equiped studio ready for you to plug in, play and run:

  • Dance exams
  • Audition for shows
  • Company/Brand Filming and/or Photoshoots
  • Filming for T.V productions or Commercials/TV ads
  • Photoshoots for commercial products e.g Ads + TV shows
  • Fashion & Apparel Photoshoots etc.

Cost: $80/hour | 3 hours: $220


Space hire for content creator/photoshoot

Photography, Videography use

For content creator, videographer, photographer, you can hire our studio for filming, product photography etc. BYO your own equipments, backdrop etc. 

Day hire $550

Meeting / Conference

Excellent setup

Our space is equiped with a free-standing whiteboard, large screen TV, lectern, projector, tables and chairs suitable for any arrangement that suits your need. Black curtains will cover the mirrors if needed and block out any unwanted light/view. As our studio is fully equiped with professional lighting, we can create any ambient lighting to enhance your event
Cost:  $70/hour or $190 for 3 hours



Birthday parties

Party in style

Our space is fully equiped with stage lights, projector, bubbles, smoke, haze machines, ready to enhance any party theme. You can also have your/your kids’ birthday video playing on a large screen TV or projected on the wall. 

We have tables and chairs, cake stand and spotlights setup to highlight the cake.

We can also custom make a gobo (projector slide) and project your ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the wall or floor.

Cost:  $50/hour. This includes party lights, mirror ball etc. 


Custom ‘Happy Birthday +’Name’ message (gobo) projected on wall/floor: $50 

Face painting: $100 for the first hour, $60 for the second hour

20min Hiphop dance: $50

Photography $150 We will give you all the photos of the party. This will be professionally done with Pyramid Photography

Videography $250 You will get a cinematic video of your party’s highlights. This will be professionally done with Pyramid Photography