Graduation Dance


DAAMdance’s Director, Mr. Hai Nguyen, had been consecutively contracted by Orchard Grove Primary School since 2012, to teach and rehearse year 5/6 students over 10 weeks in Term 4. Mr. Nguyen’s unique skills, ability to engage and create dance moves and choreography that suits different levels (including non-dance and dance students) and genders, which allow every single student to have fun and still be individual, will be great assets for your school production and students’ need!
Recommended time:
4 hours per group up to 40 studnets (the 4th hour is a combined group rehearsal, e.g: 80 students if there are 2 groups of 40)
-1st hour: Students learn the 1st half of their dance routine with basic transition, formation
-2nd hour: Students learn the 2nd half of their dance routine with further transition.
-3rd hour: Students will participate in exercises that help them to understand the movements and coordination of their bodily parts, in order to improve their remembering practicing skills. They will also engage themselves in peer assessment and self evaluation.
-4th hour: Students will enter a full-speed rehearsal with the other group(s) in preparation for their graduation performance, They will participate in exercises that help them to build confidence, self esteem, understand responsibility and personal contribution to the group.
You can decide the number of sessions and duratio for each session. We can choreograph a dance on a specific song requested by teacher(s) and/or your students. 
Discounted $4.40 per student per hour.
For example: A graduation dance for a group of 80 students costs 4 x $4.40 x 80= $1408.00 (GST inc.)