Stage lighting design service and equipment hire

Haze machine

Chauvet Hurricane 2D

Texture the air with fine haze smoke to enhance the ambience without annoying your guests and kids with regular thick fog machine. With a simple push of a remote button, you can control the output level of the haze/smoke to match your liking.


1st day: $120, each additional day: $80 


Low Lying Fog Machine

Beamz LF1500

Suitable for wedding (bridal/first dance) or other conventional venue, fashion event, show. With a simple push of a button, you can control this machine’s performance WIRELESSLY from your keyring. 


1st day:$200, each additional day: $80

Comes with a custom setup including dry ice for an optimum low lying fog effect! 

Event Photography & Videography

Capturing Perfect Action

As we also run Pyramid Photography, are specialised in Dance Photography and Videography, capturing dancers and movement in motion is what we are good at. We understand movement mechanism, sequence to know exactly what comes next to capture dancers and performers in their best moments.

Dance Photography and Videography stand alone in one category, and we are confident that we are one of a few company in this field.

Booking us to film your event and capture the most beautiful moment also allows you to reduce the cost of hiring different companies. We offer service bundle to keep the costs very competitive to other companies and suitable to your budget. 

Please feel free to shop around and talk to us. We will beat the price by choosing the best bundle for you.




Advanced Stage Lighting Design Service

Are you looking for a company and lighting technicians who can program and produce a light show that matches the music, choreography/vocal performance? With over 10 years of experience of producing dance concerts and light shows for DAAM School of dance, with our own professional stage lights, wireless sound equipment, projector, etc., we can work both with without theatre’s lighting system. Whether is a conference, party, dance concert, play, we can help to make your event more spectacular.

Why us?

Less theatre and lighting technicians hire for BOTH rehearsals and show days

We can work with the music of your show weeks or months in advance and create a virtual light show before performing at the theatre, giving you the full confidence and zero stress on your big day. 

Operation of the light show can be under a lick of a button or wirelessly from a phone or iPad, giving you a complete freedom of managing backstage.

Have you ever been able to have lighting, fog, effects and projection working together without complicated backstage communication to get everything happened?  Yes we can!

We also have a wireless headset intercom system that you can talk to other team members freely from any where in the theatre.

Cost depends on the time required to work on each event. Here are some ideas:

  • Conference, party with simple uplighting, control, pre-programmed effects: Packages starts at $300 for 2 hours booking 
  • Commercial fashion shows with basic lighting program and control: Packages start at $500 for 2 hour booking, more lighting fixtures.
  • Theatre show: dance/play: Full stage equipment set including time spent over choreographing lights on requested songs,  one day or 2 consecutive days (rehearsal and show time)
    • up to 60-min show and 4 hours lighting rehearsal $2000+GST 
    • up to 90-min show, 6 hours lighting rehearsal  $2700+GST
    • up to 120-min  show, 8 hours lighting rehearsal  $3300+GST
    • Please note that
      • rehearsals and concert must be back-to-back (2 consecutive days) as we need to make sure that equipment is safe staying over night. 
      • these prices cover costs of smoke fluids, lamp, ice, etc to run the full event, as well as labour cost to set up, pack down.
      • lighting rehearsal time is strictly reserved to working with director/choreographer to lock in lighting performance.

 What is included:

  1. Moving-head lights starting at 3x 140W units
  2. Wash lights: 7 units
  3. LED bar lights 2 units
  4. Haze machine: 2 units
  5. Low lying fog machine: 1 unit, 1500W
  6. Professional wireless headset intercom system: 4 units
  7. Back wall projector
  8. Gobo projector
  9. Mobile, wireless control from an iPad.
  10. Wired and wireless microphones and speakers

We would be happy to work around your budget and previous expenses to make it work for you! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


DAAM School of dance