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.DAAM School of dance offers a fun, positive, inclusive and creative environment for both boys and girls with different backgrounds, personalities and abilities. At DAAM, we share the same joy and interest in dance. DAAM stands for Dance And Arts Movements. Our teachers are great with kids, nurturing their love for dancing and focusing on students’ wellbeing and growth. We deliver suitable teaching material that allow each kid to have fun, participate, engage. Our objective is to create a respectful environment where students get to know each other, work together and inspire others for who they are and what they do.
DAAM School of dance offers an affordable program that includes cheaper fees, no uniform, no make-up, low-cost hire fees for performance costumes ($25-$30), short rehearsal and enjoyable concert showtime, approx. 90 mins. Dance performances rate not only fun to watch, they are also entertaining for kids, parents and older adults. Your teachers also showcase their creative works in the show.
DAAM School of dance always focusses on engaging and connecting to our local community with simple, hard working, beautiful people whom we are eager to meet. Dance is our lifestyle, culture.
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We run 2 events a year: Mid-year and End-of-year concerts. The duration of the show is only between 90 mins to 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Students arrive 90mins before the show starts.  
There are no lengthy several-hours rehearsals, dress rehearsals and photos day with a lot of commitments for parents and costs involved. As we do photography and videography, we offer affordable photo packages and have the photos taken as students get ready on show day.
Rehearsals are normally on a Saturday, and students only need to be at the theatre for between 30mins and 1 hour in total depending on how many dances they are in (except Ballet: 60-90mins all Ballet groups)

What to wear and bring to class

A bottle of water is required.
Footwear is required for Ballet (flats), Hiphop (runners, sneakers) and Tap (Tap shoes)
Dress code:
Pink leotard, skirt and hair in a casual bun for Ballet
Casual Leggings and fitted clothes for Jazz, Contemporary. Hair needs to be pulled up
Any styled/casual wear for Hiphop 
Leggings/slim pants for Tap