Artist Residency


Book our Director Hai Nguyen for your Arts week or similar with a duration of your choice for an enriching dance talk and demonstration on dance in general or a specific style/genre (chosen from followings: Hiphop, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz)! Mr. Nguyen can bring a fellow professional Ballet dancer/teacher for a Ballet study focus.
Being an artist himself, as well as a well trained, educated dancer in different styles, with a B.A in Dance (Contemporary) and Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) in Dance & Visual Arts, year 7-12, Mr. Nguyen can deliver a handful of information in history, who’s who in the industry, creative process, rehearsals, production details including lights, sound, equipment, stage management, videography and photography, marketing, and most importantly, safe dance practice.  With his broad knowledge in such a wide range of so many different areas in performing arts, Mr. Hai Nguyen is a perfect match your students in different interests and levels. They will benefit from these sessions, allowing you to design appropriate assignments/portfolio/essays etc.
Mr. Nguyen’s interactive demonstration includes choreography demonstrations, video showing, and a small workshop, Regarding Tap dance, he will bring his handmade mobile build-up tap stage all-in-one with floor microphones, amplifiers and more, in order to demonstrate better the art of Tap dance and creative process.


Book Director Hai Nguyen for an inspiring talk on career development, friendship, self-esteem, fighting bullying, family value, learning skills and work ethic, creativity, plan and execution, success and balance. His personal life stories and knowledge will be great for all students, boys and girls to reflect on their own learning journey. 
We deliver information packages that suit the need of a specific age group/year level. Please let us know what you plan to do and we will make sure the time and cost will meet your classroom’s need and school’s budget.
Kindest regards.
DAAM School of dance