Artist Residency


Book our Director Hai Nguyen, for your Arts week or similar, as a motivational guest speaker for your students!  

 Mr. Nguyen is an accomplished artist, producer, choreographer and also a mentor for many students studying and training dance under his wings. He is also a well trained dancer in different styles of dance (e.g: Hiphop, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary…). His qualifications include a B.A in Dance and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) in Dance & Visual Arts. 
Mr. Nguyen delivers an unique dance demonstration, powerpoint presentation and talk on creative process, inspiration, motivation, challenges, work ethic, fighting bullying, career and balance. His ability to engage both dance and non-dance students in discussing and participating in specific exercises, which help understanding their own body, values, social awareness in order to build self-esteem, confidence and a lot more, is exceptional. 
We deliver information packages that suit the need of a specific age group/year level. Please let us know what you plan to do and we will make sure the time and cost will meet your classroom’s need and school’s budget.
Kindest regards.
DAAM School of dance