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DAAM School of dance is a fun, positive, inclusive and creative environment for boys and girls with different backgrounds, personalities and abilities. At DAAM, DAAM stands for Dance And Arts Movements. We are not only experienced instructors, but also professional dancers, dancing with passion and living our with by example. Under the direction of Director Hai Nguyen, who is a qualified Dance and Visual Arts secondary school teacher, our teachers focus on students’ wellbeing and suitable teaching material that allow each class to have fun, and participate. We create a respectful environment where students get to know each other, work together and inspire others for who they are and what they do.

DAAM School of dance offers an affordable program that includes cheaper fees, no uniform, no make-up, low-cost hire fees for performance costumes ($25-$30), short rehearsal and enjoyable concert showtime, approx. 90 mins. Dance performances rate not only fun to watch, they are also entertaining for kids, parents and older adults. Your teachers also showcase their creative works in the show.

DAAM School of dance always focusses on engaging and connecting to our local community with simple, hard working, beautiful people whom we are eager to meet. Dance is our lifestyle, culture.


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