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DAAM dance Incursion

After Highvale secondary college with year 8 on Monday, we’re at Trinity Catholic School today with Prep-Year 6. Always grateful for the opportunity,..

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This says it all! Love them all to pieces! So thankful and grateful to call you all FAMILY! ❤️❤️❤️ #daamdancefamily #family #love..

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Photos from DAAM School of dance's post

Words can’t express how happy we are having finished this concert in style! Sold out concert, house was full! Beautiful Ballet students in..

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DAAM dance Incursion

#grateful #thankful #danceincursion #danceinschools #incursion #thankyou Another achievement in dance education! #danceducation #education ❤️..

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DAAM dance Incursion


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